• Hi !

    Hi !


    You are fine ? 

    I want explain yourselves why I speak english in this article : It's because I'm very bad in english, and I have the BAC this year, so an oral in english and an oral in spanish. I speak pretty good spanish, but it's a catastrophe in english ! I need to improve myself, I'm so anxious about this...

    Actually, I help myself to Google Traduction, but I hope later I will not need it anymore.

    If I write here, it's because this blog is not read by many people, is not read at all x) So I do not disturb by training here (I'm not sure that this sentence have sense ;-;) !

    I'm going to try to post once a day, but it's not sure, because I don't have great thing to tell and I'm often in hight school, more homework and revisions, I don't know how am I going to organize, but it's not that important !

    It's just for improve my english, because it's very important for my BAC, and for the futur ! And it's funny to do :') If someone goes in this article, I'm sorry for this article, for my english, for the faults, for everything xD Sorry for your lost time in this page ^^'

    Thanks for reading, and good day to you !


    Kiss !

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