• I'm happy !

    Hi !


    I know, I have already posted today, but I'm very happy actually ! Why ? Because for the BAC (again, sorry !), we are going evaluated in sport, and for that, we had the choice between differents sports. I wanted to take Badminton and circus, but there was too many people for these sports, so the teachers took away the students on others sports. And I am in Table Tennis and endurance course. But I have respiratory problems, knee problems, and I hate sport, mostly the course !

    So if I want to have a good note, it's necessary that I train a lot ! For that, today, I went running next to my house, in the small paths, with my dog. I'm really bad in course, so at the beginning, I only held to 1,30 minutes, it's not a lot ^^' But after running a little, I succeeded to increase my score !

    Tadaa !

    I'm happy !


    Wow, the picture is bigger than I thought x)

    6,25 minutes ! It's not a lot, it's true, but for me it's a record ! xD I don't run very fast, I know that is not exceptional, but it's much more than what I usually do, and maybe if I continue to train, I will be able to reach 10 minutes ! It's my goal, but I only have three months for reach it, and it's short ;-; I can't to train when I want ^^'

    Anyway, I'm so happy to have run a little, it motivated me ^^

    Well, I will let you !

    See you later !

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