• Sorryyy...

    Hi !


    Yes, I'm alive :') I know, I said that I will write every day, and I didn't do it ^^' I'm sorry, it's not by lack of time, it's just laziness, because for to write in english, it's necessary to reflect, obviously x) After a day of classes, I don't want to reflect ;-; More, I don't know what to say, my life is not extraordinary, she is even flat :')

    I would like show you my drawings, but I don't draw not much anymore at the moment :') I have three drawings in progress actually, and I train T^T Fortunately, I do plastic arts, so I'm staying a little active ! My first projet is this one :

    Hi x)


    Hi x)


    He's not finished, I want to add color because I don't like when it's bland. I think do tasks of painting or ink !

    I have also a art book, that must be completed for the bac ! For the moment, I have just completed one page, in philosophy x)

    Hi x)

    Yes, I'm bored in philosophy x)

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